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The new QNX-based BlackBerry 10 operating system brings with it two new devices in the form of the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10, with upcoming availability on the BlackBerry PlayBook later down the line. This will be our first major platform.


The World's most popular smartphone platform, and one which represents a significant market opportunity for Seyann Electronics across both smartphones and tablets, and via Google's Chrome OS, laptops.

Apple iOS

With over 400million active devices, and one of the highest quality and most vibrant mobile ecosystems, Apple's iOS platform is a key area for our business and will be supported along with the other major mobile operating systems.

Windows Phone

Developed by Microsoft, and backed by the likes of Nokia, Samsung and HTC, this next-generation mobile OS is Microsoft's current and future play in this sector. As a result, this platform will have significant sway in our target markets.

Presenting The YOVA-Platform!

At Seyann Electronics, we are re-defining the mobile experience for our target audience through our upcoming Yova Application and Suite of Services.

Our aim is a simple one. To provide you with the most unique mobile application on the market, fine-tuned and curated to your own specific needs, wants and preferences. The target being to bridge your offline and digital worlds in order to make your everyday tasks and goals easier to achieve.

Available soon on your Mobile, PC, Mac, and selected Tablets...

Building with BRICS...

We will be targeting and launching in some of the largest and fastest growing markets globally. Stay Tuned, or contact us directly for more information.


A London, UK based mobile technology firm.

We're committed to revolutionising the central aspects of the modern mobile app experience. Keep reading for more insights --->

YOVA Cloud Services

This division of our business deals with our mobile services that are delivered via our proprietary cross-platform app and cloud service, Yova. This is currently under development at Seyann Electronics, with the ground-up goal of creating a multi-platform, cross-device service that delivers our end-users with a consistent look and feel no matter what device they use to access it.

Stay Tuned for more information on the Yova Platform as we get closer to its full consumer launch when we will be revealing everything from the game-changing user experience, to the uniquely curated content, time saving features, and a long-list of upcoming partnerships we are looking forward to announcing!

Ad Platform & Services

As an allied division to our Yova Cloud Services, Seyann Electronics will be building-out a substantial, uniquely-operated, and quantifiable advertising platform with both digital and offline presences, diversified across sectors, and across numerous international markets.

Detail Focused, Market Driven...

Our business model is geared toward a lean-operation, enabling us to react quickly to changes in the market as well as to varying consumer needs.

We also are building-up well diversified revenue pipelines positioning us to not only thrive in the industry, but to lead our sector going forward. By doing so, Seyann Electronics aims to be both customer and investor friendly. See our Seedrs listing for more investor information, and to join our seed investment round.

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Where can I find Seyann Electronics Ltd?

145-157 St John Street.


United Kingdom



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